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One of the most stressful parts of any travel to any part of the world is the issue of transport. Accommodation is easy with hotels everywhere, but transport involves plenty of struggle. How to inform the driver without knowing the language? how to ensure you are not being scammed?

customer-centric approaches

To help you out when you travel to a new city, P Cars is here for all those affordable airport transfers. We operate in Australia and provide the best services ensuring the most professional driver and the most maintained cars. Through our customer-centric approaches, we focus on every aspect of travel to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Services We Provide

When we say we provide the best services, these are what we mean:

On Call Services

Of the most convenient services that we provide to our customers is on call services. These services entail that the customer calls P Calls immediately after landing on the airport. P Calls, using its closest available center arranges for you a car as per your preferences (based on the available choice at that point in time). A driver accompanies the car and is responsible for picking you up from the airport and dropping you at the designated accommodation.

Advance Booking

In addition to the immediate on-call services, we also offer pre-bookings for cars. Using advance booking entails that you register at least 2 days in advance. This ensures that you get to pick from the entire fleet of cars at our centers at lower rates. With advance bookings you can also choose to book a car and driver for the entire length of your stay.

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Benefits of Hiring Functions Gold Coast for Your Next Event

Thinking of hosting a special event on Gold Coast needs a lot of things to consider. The availability of options from choosing the proper venue to serving beverages and food can be overwhelming.

Hosting an event can be done as a way of simplifying the need for a good venue. However, things are easier when you opt to hire functions Gold Coast for your next event.

Here’s why:

Your out-of-town guests get a place to stay

If your choice of functions Gold Coast is in a hotel, out-of-town guests get a place to stay as well. This is a convenience when they don’t have to make special travel arrangements to go to your event. Staying in the event place offers guests a chance to party all night long without the hassle of travelling long distances to go back to their hotel. This will work in your favour as well when you book a room to avoid travelling the long ride home.

Stops you from worrying about the mess

Hosting an event in your home means putting up with the mess after the party. Wine spillage on your beloved carpet can make you panic. Hiring a function room stops you from worrying about the mess. After all, function rooms are specifically designed to handle messy leftovers from events or parties. Wine spills are simply wiped away without causing breaking up the party. Cleaning up after the event is not a thing to worry about when you choose to celebrate it in a function room.

Offers waiting staff and catering

Enjoying your event is often impossible when you are the host. Yet, enjoying your party should be a priority after all the hard work you have done in organising it. Function rooms of restaurants or hotels are only too glad to provide in-house catering along with waiting staff. This ensures that feeding and watering your guests are ensured throughout the event. The only thing to do is to choose the menu and drinks you like, and enjoy the party!

Spacious space

The single large space offered by function rooms maximises socialisation among guests. Hosting the event in your home means having guests scattered around various rooms. Furniture can also become a problem when the event is hosted in a home.

Hiring a function room allows you to choose the ideal setup for your event. The large space provided by the function room allows guests to mingle or sit anytime.

Offer a blank slate for your event ideas

The blank slate provided by function rooms allows you to customise your event’s theme and style. Using lots of huge balloons for a big birthday bash is easily accommodated by a large function room. In the same way, hosting a smaller-sized party can be achieved by choosing the right function room size.

Some Events best held in a Function Room

Some special milestones best celebrated in a function room include:

Corporate Events

Awards nights to annual Christmas parties are corporate events needing help from a function room. Hosting the event in a function room provides an intimate setting to relax and enjoy the night away with colleagues.

Charity Events

Large or intimate charity events are best held in function rooms offering lounges, restaurants, and bar areas. Function rooms provide the ideal setting for charity events to ensure the enjoyment of both host and guests.

Contact us for function room hire in Gold Coast.

Benefits of Printed Lanyards

Lanyards are a sure way of ensuring employees wear your brand in their workplace and during an event. It will help clients identify your employees quickly when looking for assistance. Lanyards must take your brand name and logo to be effective; otherwise, a lanyard without your colours and brand ID won’t work effectively. Printed lanyard works well for any business, and it will serve to let your brand to the population through your staff.

Many businesses use lanyards to attach badges and IDs for a good reason. It helps build the brand in the public eye, among other benefits such as:

Comfortable to wear: Employees don’t even realize they have lanyards on because they are lightweight, loose, and comfortable to carry around the neck. In other words, lanyards are cool to wear around compared to uniforms and name tags; therefore, your staff won’t hesitate to put them on throughout the day.

Affordable: Printed lanyards are cost-effective, and you can order them in bulk without breaking the bank. Most of them are recyclable by cleaning when they are dirty and can last several years before they wear out. Lanyards provide a better alternative for promoting a brand compared to other means of getting your brand name out there.

Promotion: Lanyards provide a simple way of promoting a brand to the customers. When your staff interacts with customers and associates, lanyards shout out your brand name without a word from the team. You can encourage your team to put them on whenever they are at the workplace or even when they are commuting. It will serve to improve the visibility of your brand in the market.

Leaves an impact on customers: It can be hard to see the effect of the printed lanyard on customers, but it does impact the way customers perceive your brand and staff. Lanyards ensure your team looks professional and approachable, which contributes to stellar customer service.

Edge out competitors: Printed lanyards give a company a competitive edge over the others during promotional events and trade shows. It improves brand visibility during the event leading to more conversion rates. It makes your business or company become an authority in the domain with less effort and in a cost-effective manner.

Boost employee confidence: Lanyards boosts employee confidence while serving customers. Confidence lets customers imagine they are getting the best services they can’t get from your competitors. Your staff will speak your brand authoritatively and without fear of contradiction.

Promote your brand colour: Lanyards come in different colours, so a company will choose a colour that resonates with their brand to promote its brand colour consistently.

Kinds of printed lanyards

You can print different kinds of lanyards with a logo and brand name, including; bootlace printed, nylon, satin, polyester and satin, PVC- recyclable, woven, and more. You can choose whatever material fits your budget, preference, and other custom requirements. The versatility in printed lanyards is what mesmerizes business owners in keeping placing orders for printed lanyards annually. Its versatility makes it a better choice for companies and businesses instead of name tags and uniforms. The best part of lanyards is that you can order in bulk and have them delivered the following day, they are easy to make, and its impact is enormous.

Have your custom lanyards and other marketing paraphernalia produced by one of the most trusted names in the industry: AAC.

5 Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Perfect Weekend Trip

luxury weekend getaways sydney sound great. Many people rush to get their passwords and bags to have a time of their lives but very common mistakes and blunders can ruin our otherwise happy to go, perfect trips. Let’s see what common mistakes people make and how they can be avoided in the future.

Going unplanned

Many people think that a weekend trip does not require proper planning as it’s just a matter of two days but would you like standing in a line after 4 hours of a flight with all the luggage in the hands, and the kids whining around your sides while you are looking for a hotel in the late evening at a totally new place. You see your wife frowning upon your management skills and you have no idea what to do. To avoid this bad dream, it’s wise to book your hotel in advance plus you should have a good idea of the nearby restaurants, and the road map of the area. You can also consult your travel agent to prepare the itinerary to avoid any inconvenience at that time. The poor management can surely ruin your otherwise perfect weekend trip.

Give Summer trips A break!

As per a recent survey, it is noted that around 90% of the people prefer to plan a weekend trip in the summer to avoid the heat. This is a very common mistake people make. We say don, ‘t do what the whole world is doing. A selfie under the Eiffel Tower may be in your bucket list, but you might not get yourself there because of large crowds peak hours of the day. We assure you can have an upbeat experience if planning a trip to the off-season. The off season trips would save you a lot of time, money and energy. And the best part is that you will have all the nature, monuments and tourist points open for you. Plus, in the lowest rates possible. Sounds good?

Be realistic about your activities or to-do list

Seriously one needs to be realistic about their planned activities keeping in view the short time they have on a weekend trip. We understand that it’s all about your personal preferences as some people prefer to wander around the city while others just choose a cozy spot and indulge in the culture, and the beauty the place offers. Having a lot of activities and places to visit planned can make your weekend trip hassled and stressful. It’s better to give yourself some time to sit back and relax to enjoy the moment.

Put your mobile phones, and gadgets aside

The whole idea of having a weekend trip can be ruined if you will keep yourself busy in the phones, and laptops. Leave them in your hotel room to spend time with the family and friends.

Money problems

Whether you forget to withdraw cash from the ATM or to get the currency changed, or the credit card company abstains you from using it because you haven’t informed them of your travelling plans, all of this can end in a nightmare. Having no money in a strange land along with your family is an unacceptable blunder. A thorough planning can save you from such pratfalls. Good luck for your next weekend trip!

Transfer without surprises: what to know

But if you travel independently you have to organize the trip yourself. Of course, all airports offer some type of public transport connection to the city. Which are often not only the cheapest but also the most effective way to reach the center. But taking a bus or train may not be the ideal solution if you arrive late at night. Or if you are staying in an area that is difficult to reach. Or when you have a lot of luggage and children in tow. Or when you simply want to experience the luxury of having a personal driver who takes you to your destination without having to check timetables and maps. Here, then, are the right tips to organize a transfer independently.

Taxi Transfer
Heading to the taxi station is not only likely to be the most expensive option. But also the most uncertain. Waiting time and price cannot be predicted. And standing in line you risk being robbed. The airport and tourist office websites often offer advice on how to travel to and from the city center. For example, the Prague airport website warns users about taxi drivers who, taking advantage of tourists who don’t know the roads, take tortuous or longer routes.

Private transfer
Booking a taxi or a private car avoids uncertainties on the timing and rounded costs. Holiday Taxis is a transportation service that operates worldwide. It offers transfers from airports to cities and resorts to over 12,000 destinations in more than 130 countries. With car, minibus and limousine. There are plenty of websites offering this type of service. Some also run by airlines that offer discounts.

Shared Transfers
Some airports offer a cheaper transfer. It is the shared shuttle service. It will not be available for every destination. But if you are going to a private address the shuttle can drop you off as close as possible. Intermediate stops along the way are to be provided. But among the advantages it offers the possibility to book and pay in advance.

Transfer with Uber
Uber is a company that provides a private transportation service through a mobile software application. That connects passengers and drivers directly. It is available at airports in over 400 cities worldwide. You can book your car once you have collected your luggage. The application provides the details of the location of the car and advises if you make flat rates to and from the airport.

Airport transfers Hotel

Often, when organizing our trip to the USA, we try to think of everything from airline tickets , to car rental , to health insurance , to hotel reservations . Here lies the substance, without having taken care of these tasks, we do not start. However, there are also some details (which usually are not thought of) that, if you hurry online before leaving , can not only make us enjoy our holiday more peacefully, but also save money compared to booking on site. The airport-hotel transfer (and vice versa) is definitely one of these.

after a flight of about ten hours and the usual long process to endure at the airport, there is only one desire: put down your luggage and recover a little from the jet lag. perhaps by calling a taxi, or, if we want to spend less, use a shuttle for the transfer to the hotel , inquire about prices and maybe try to bargain a bit, since often the drivers they are a little smart!

To avoid hassle and spend less, the advice is to book the transfer online, using a reliable and quality service, such as GroundLink , a leading airport transfer company, which offers both low-cost and transfer shuttles private in over 110 countries around the world (airports, ports and train stations), allowing you to choose between various services, such as transfer by shuttle or shuttle shared with other passengers, taxi service or an exclusive private transfer.

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