Transfer without surprises: what to know

But if you travel independently you have to organize the trip yourself. Of course, all airports offer some type of public transport connection to the city. Which are often not only the cheapest but also the most effective way to reach the center. But taking a bus or train may not be the ideal solution if you arrive late at night. Or if you are staying in an area that is difficult to reach. Or when you have a lot of luggage and children in tow. Or when you simply want to experience the luxury of having a personal driver who takes you to your destination without having to check timetables and maps. Here, then, are the right tips to organize a transfer independently.

Taxi Transfer
Heading to the taxi station is not only likely to be the most expensive option. But also the most uncertain. Waiting time and price cannot be predicted. And standing in line you risk being robbed. The airport and tourist office websites often offer advice on how to travel to and from the city center. For example, the Prague airport website warns users about taxi drivers who, taking advantage of tourists who don’t know the roads, take tortuous or longer routes.

Private transfer
Booking a taxi or a private car avoids uncertainties on the timing and rounded costs. Holiday Taxis is a transportation service that operates worldwide. It offers transfers from airports to cities and resorts to over 12,000 destinations in more than 130 countries. With car, minibus and limousine. There are plenty of websites offering this type of service. Some also run by airlines that offer discounts.

Shared Transfers
Some airports offer a cheaper transfer. It is the shared shuttle service. It will not be available for every destination. But if you are going to a private address the shuttle can drop you off as close as possible. Intermediate stops along the way are to be provided. But among the advantages it offers the possibility to book and pay in advance.

Transfer with Uber
Uber is a company that provides a private transportation service through a mobile software application. That connects passengers and drivers directly. It is available at airports in over 400 cities worldwide. You can book your car once you have collected your luggage. The application provides the details of the location of the car and advises if you make flat rates to and from the airport.

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